How To Get Rid of Toxic Thoughts

How To Get Rid of Toxic Thoughts

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Learn how to help yourself to live a happier, healthier and successful life. You could soon start living your dream life by learning to get rid of toxic thoughts. New research from the worlds of applied neuroscience, mind-body medicine, and integrative medicine show that getting rid of toxic thoughts has multiple benefits. Thus improving your physical health, your mental health, but also provide prosperity in your life.


Discover how to improve the Immune System by Eliminating Toxic Thoughts throughout your day


Our Brain is non-stop processing what happened in the past or what could go wrong in the future. You see our brains have a negative bias. This negative bias is a mechanism we humans are programmed with, as a survival mechanism. However, this very mechanism that is there to help us survive can turn against us. When we constantly replay in our minds, events and people that harmed us, cheated us or incidents that upset us and made us angry we get locked in a “negative loop”. Like a bad TV show, we re-live those feeling again and again. These recurring thought patterns are toxic to us both physically and mentally.

Toxic thoughts, negative emotions, worry and negative self-talk impacts us at biological level and impacts how your immune cells talk to each other. It also directly impacts how well they can fight off invaders like viruses that cause colds and flu. Believe it or not, something so seemingly unrelated to negative self-talk, negative thoughts or worries could harm your immune system. Unfortunately, no one talks about it when you go to the doctor for an illness or a check-up. The fact is it can make you physically ill, and the research proves it. This is because worry, negative thinking spirals and fear based thinking change your brain. It signals the brain to release stress hormones (chemical messengers) to put your entire body in “high alert” to cope with the perceived danger. The brain diverts resources from the immune system that weaken your immune cells causing inflammation in various parts of the body.

The first step to stopping this vicious cycle is to acknowledge that it is an issue for you. Once you have accepted this link between mind and body, you can convince your brain to take action to stop it!
Start making time each day for a mindfulness meditation practice. Focusing on your breathing and being present in the moment diverts your brain from those toxic thoughts.

Scheduling in 10 minutes each day, after dinner in the evenings for a time to recharge. Listening to relaxing music, or spiritual recording in a quiet, calm space in your home is a powerful way to start working on the subconscious toxic thought patterns that can sabotage you secretly.

YOU CAN overcome the health issues that are holding you back from the freedom of feeling amazing every day.

1-minute mindfulness exercise