How to Combat Stress in 4 Simple Ways

How to Combat Stress in 4 Simple Ways

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It’s that time of year again, the kids are out of school and the increasingly hot weather proves to wear down even the most motivated people. Between juggling work and the kids it’s hard to find a balance and in turn can cause an excess of stress in your life. Stress is characterized by emotional strain or pressure and it can take a toll on even the most unsuspecting victims. In fact, at one point or another we all experience stress in our lives. It’s important to take a step back and understand stress symptoms and their adverse effects on your life. The symptoms can be physical or psychological, namely anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, migraines, blood pressure problems, and gastrointestinal and heart ailments. About three quarters of people experience either the psychological or physical effects of stress. You can take solace in the fact that many people feel stressed out and exhibit symptoms as it is a normal occurrence to daily pressure we face. It’s important to combat stress in order to regain control of your life. Many people report that stress makes them feel less motivated to reach their goals. Diminishing motivation is detrimental as it works against your health and your happiness. Here are four ways to combat stress and jumpstart your path to wellness.

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1. Sleep

Seems obvious, right? But many Americans who suffer from stress are not getting enough sleep. This leads to a lack of motivation which causes even more stress. It’s a vicious cycle that won’t end until you take the time to rest. Adequate sleep helps rejuvenate and restore energy. The immune system can even benefit from extra Zs.

2. Exercise

Ah, the dreaded “e” word. As unappealing as it sounds, exercising actually works wonders on not only your physical health, but your psychological health as well. Even just walking or jogging can work to relieve stress. In fact, exercising will help you sleep better which is an important key in combating stress.

3.  Change Your Attitude

Things aren’t going the way you planned? You’ve got a pile of work to do, your kids need to be fed and your house needs to be cleaned? You feel overwhelmed and think you can’t do any of it?  A big culprit of stress is thinking you can’t do things when in reality you can. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t- you’re probably right.” A positive attitude gets you positive results and a negative attitude gets you negative results- so which one would you choose? Tell yourself you can do anything. A simple change in outlook and attitude can change how you feel. Stress is augmented by negativity and so by eliminating it, you’ll feel more motivated and will accomplish a lot more. Your stress levels can decrease instantly with a positive outlook.

4. Relax

Seems simple, yet many people have a hard time relaxing. You can make a million excuses as to why you can’t relax, but really that’s exactly when you should take the time to. Simple breathing activities, meditation, yoga and massages are great ways to relieve stress and reverse any negative feelings. According to a study done at Harvard Medical School, people who practiced relaxation methods for years had far more active “disease-fighting-genes” compared to those who never practiced relaxation methods. Think about how this could change your life? What researchers call the “relaxation effect” is just as powerful as taking medication, but without the negative side effects. It is essential to take time from our busy schedules to relax and unwind.
You don’t have to live with stress in your life, you can try these four stress management tips right now. By making conscious decisions to use the four methods above, you can combat stress and get back to feeling motivated. Your life is waiting and it’s up to you to take charge.
If you need additional help working through challenging times, never hesitate to seek professional help. For more stress-busting tips click here.

Meditation For Stress Reduction 3-min:
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In summary, stress can contribute to chronic illnesses and can rob you of you Health & Happiness.


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