Bridging the gap between the Mind & the Body in Heart Health with techniques & exercises, and other mind-body processes


The human mind is an extremely powerful machine and we only use five to ten percent of it’s capacity.  The mind holds the secret to our health, and when we tap into it’s incredible powers, we can empower and heal ourselves of many conditions and disorders.   We, as a species, have evolved into complex physical and conscious beings that are able to do amazing things.

Yet, there exists a paradox as we move through this evolutionary path.  On the one hand, innovations in various fields of engineering, finance, medicine etc. are occurring at break-neck speeds, and we are able to solve technological challenges, but at the same time on a personal level, it has not translated into improvements in our quality of life.  To achieve our maximum potential, we need to take a new approach and open our minds, and empower ourselves to lead healthy, balanced and  meaningful lives.  A promising ray of hope is that people around the globe are beginning to recognize this, and a few are exploring new paradigms to explain and cope with these challenges.  This can be done by taking care of our Body, Mind and Spirit equally.